Gerry Nicholls -- Canada's Post-Partisan Pundit
...and communications expert

With more than 25 years experience in both the United States and Canada, Gerry has the drive, vision and creativity to help individuals and groups achieve communications success. Gerry is an expert in copy writing, issue advertising, media relations, political/communication strategy and fundraising.

Professional Experience

Consultant -- Arthur Finkelstein & Associates
Arthur Finkelstein is an internationally renowned political consultant with clients in the USA and Europe. Gerry provides communications expertise to AJF clients, including recently a United States Senatorial candidate.



Consultant -- Primary Communications
Primary Communications is a United States based communications company specializing in political campaigns. Gerry provides strategic communications counsel to a variety of candidates including state and senators and representatives.



National Citizens Coalition  (1985-2007)
Vice-President Media and Communications
Senior Executive with Canada's largest independent organization for the defence of economic and political freedoms.



What Gerry Can do for You

* Design media campaigns on a limited budget that will help sway public opinion and attract media attention.

* Write effective direct mail fundraising letters

* Position your message around the news of the day

* Merge components of campaigns into an overall winning message

* Employ polling data to plan media campaigns and tactical messaging

* Target media and advertisement placement to optimize reach and frequency.

*  Write creative and effective TV, radio and newspaper ads

 Provide media training 


* Write news releases, op eds, speeches

So if you are looking for communication expertise, contact Gerry today.



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